About Our Clinic

Berova Klinik is in Caglayan district which is very close to the historic city centre of Nicosia. This unique Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic has been registered with the Turkish Cypriot Ministry of Health as of January 2014. Dr. Kandemir Berova is the owner and responsible for the clinic.

ResepsiyonWe always give our patients a warm welcome. The guest friendly Turkish Cypriot socio-culture has been preserved. Quality and service are very important to us, such as taking the time needed with each patient, making certain each patient is treated with respect, kindness and dignity, by making sure your time waiting to see a doctor are as short as possible and all test results are available in a timely manner.

We are passionate about making patients feel better so that they can enjoy an enhanced quality of life. To do this, we make sure to listen to each patient then provide treatments and education in a way that is honest, respectful, and compassionate.

Berova Klinik provide a therapeutic environment in which patients can be treated quickly and effectively.

Exterior architecture of the clinic reflects 1950’s introducing more of a personal or homey feeling . On the other hand, the internal design of the clinic meets the European standards.

imagePrivate parking area is available for up to 5 cars. People with disabilities can easily reach the inner parts of the clinic with the help of a ramp. Room doors are 110 cm width and allow easy transitions. Disabled toilet facility is available.

MuayeneClinic has a central heating system for the winter and is serving the best cooling system for the summer months. Our services are secured against possible power shortages with an automatic generator. Our patients enjoy a comfortable atmosphere with a central music system, including a modern interior design.The building has been intensively restored  during the last months of 2013.

The structure has been built by Dr. Berova’s grandfather, Hüseyin Özdemir, in 1950’s and used for residence. Mr. Ozdemir was a school inspector. His two sons and two grandsons, who also lived here, became physicians. Dr. Kandemir Berova is currently responsible for the clinic.

Ozdemir Family : from left to right Huseyin Ozdemir, Fatma Ozdemir, Dr. Nıyazi Ozdemir, Dr. Kandemir Ozdemir, Tulin ( Ozdemir ) Berova . This picture has been taken in 1950’s in front of building which is now used as clinic.