Intraarticular Ozone Therapy in Osteoarthritis of the Knee

intraartikulerenjeksiyonOxygen-ozone therapy is used to treat patients with gonarthosis (initial and late), inflammatory disease due to overloading, patellar tendinitis, goosefoot bursitis of the knee, synovitis during
inflammatory arthritis, bursitis, knee pain caused by joint cartilage degeneration due to femoral-rotular chondropathy, knee pain following surgery. The patient is placed in a sitting position with the
knee in 90 deg. flexion. After local anesthesia, 15-20cc
cc of the ozone/ oxygen gas mixture is injected slowly at variable
concentrations depending on the disease and in any case not more than 25 μg/ml. The patient is invited to perform some flexion-extension movements of the knee to better distribute the drug
throughout the joint including the recesses.

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