Diagnostic MSK Ultrasound

Sonosite Turbo M is an ideal musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound diagnostic imager for orthopaedic use. Turbo M meets the doctors demands for diagnostic confidence and high patient throughput. The most common use of ultrasound in patients with soft-tissue abnormalities is in the evaluation of infections, including cellulitis,abscess and muscle injuries . Other soft-tissue indications include the evaluation of cysts, lipoma and lymph nodes. Ultrasound is also used to locate foreign bodies. Ultrasonography is a totally safe noninvasive imaging technique. In contrast to computed tomography (CT) and X-rays, it does not emit ionizing radiation. Unlike magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it is safe for all patients, including those with cardiac pacemakers and metal implants, without any contraindications. Due to its flexibility and precision in the selection of the point of examination and in the field of vision, musculoskeletal ultrasonography has spatial, as well as temporal benefits. The possibility of placing the sonographic probe at the point of maximal tenderness increases the likelihood of detecting abnormalities, and ensures clinical relevance of the examination. Sonography affords comparisons of targeted findings with those of the contralateral side, and also enables under “vision” biopsy or joint aspiration. Of the many indications for musculoskeletal ultrasonography, the evaluation of soft tissue pathology is particularly common. In addition, ultrasonography is useful for the detection of fluid collection in joints, and for visualization of cartilage and bone surfaces.

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