Laser Therapy

OptonPro – a Zimmer MedizinSysteme device for high-power laser therapy up to 7000 mW.
Highly effective pain therapy paired with easy and convenient operation at the push of a button – that is the new OptonPro laser therapy device in a nutshell.
The highly effective laser emits up to 7 Watt of power simultaneously on two wavelengths using an ergonomically designed applicator, thereby offering a very wide range of therapy. Two easily mounted spacers and an integrated calibration sensor ensure high-safety laser therapy.
The method is used very successfully by therapists worldwide. With OptonPro, Zimmer MedizinSysteme now offers a system that compactly combines all advantages of the treatment with the lowest operating and maintenance costs while providing optimum ease of use and maximum flexibility.

The high-power OptonPro laser is ideal for treating :

Musculoskeletal diseases
Myofascial pain syndrome
Painful trigger points
Neuralgia and skin disorders

The advantages of laser treatment are obvious:

Perfect localisation
High efficiency achieved in a very short time
Direct and systemic effects
Biostimulation and tissue regeneration as positive side effects

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