Ozone Therapy

dd744-die-humares1-gmbh-21-215x300Since the discovery of ozone by the German chemist Christian Friedrich Schönbein in 1840, its medical use has increased in different parts of the world; there is more interest from health professionals to know how it works and what are its benefits; the number of ozone therapists keeps growing all around the world; and an increasing number of patients are benefiting from it. The bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects of ozone open up a wide range of indications for therapists. We use HUMAZON® -ProMedic generators in our clinic which are limited to max. 80 µg/ml . The range from 0 – 80 µg/ml is most adequate for therapeutical purposes, and has been proven in daily practice for decades. Medical ozone can be applied locally or parenterally. The various routes of application of ozone can be used alone or combined, in order to attain a synergistic effect.  Details

Traction Therapy

traksiyon1The successes of the traction therapy, especially of cervical, lumbar and the hip joint therapy, have been known in physical medicine for a long time. The lumbago, which makes up over 30 percent of all degenerative processes in the region of the vertebral column, is particularly a disease of very great importance in health politics.
The controlled, successful therapy causes a relief of the surrounding tissue. Easing of the foraminal and disc pressure additionally results in relief of the irritated nerves. On the traction couch, the patient can be subjected to chiropractical or electromotive traction. The main field of use is lumbar and cervical traction, but also the traction of other joints is entirely possible with the assistance of additional belts. Even after a few therapy treatments, the patient may be free from pain.